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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1158565AD7E16ADS-BN969FD Boeing 757 28ASF (B752)FedEx ExpressFDX3031 LAX to RST2020-11-10T17:25:18
1149445ADBE38ADS-BN985FD Boeing 757 230SF (B752)FedEx ExpressFDX3031 LAX to RST2020-11-04T16:17:09
1147933AAA39AADS-BN785FD Boeing 757 222SF (B752)FedEx ExpressFDX3031 LAX to RST2020-11-03T16:33:55
731771A017C9ADS-BN105FE Boeing 767 300F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3031 LAX to RST2019-12-15T13:33:33
716772A10FE8ADS-BN168FE Boeing 767 300F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3031 LAX to RST2019-12-08T13:38:10