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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1158570A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3724 IND to OAK2020-11-10T17:20:14
1113669A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3727 IND to ONT2020-09-01T17:45:45
1082382A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1290 RNO to MEM2020-08-14T21:33:41
1082021A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX723 MEM to RNO2020-08-14T17:49:46
1080977A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX672 RNO to MEM2020-08-14T09:59:36
1080635A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1490 MEM to RNO2020-08-14T06:01:24
1077037A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX690 SFO to MEM2020-08-12T08:30:54
1076857A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1549 RNO to FAT2020-08-12T03:25:15
1072978A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX989 2020-08-05T18:21:09
1069733A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX2219 SJC to MEM2020-08-03T21:38:39
1065746A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX350 MEM to OAK2020-08-01T18:18:02
1060483A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1648 ONT to IND2020-07-29T22:06:07
1060090A075A3ModeSN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx Express2020-07-29T16:57:05
1059176A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3647 OAK to IND2020-07-29T09:44:25
1057146A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1290 RNO to MEM2020-07-27T21:36:29
1055275A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX723 MEM to RNO2020-07-26T18:18:44
1049695A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3807 ORD to OAK2020-07-15T08:45:08
1048195A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3023 LAX to EWR2020-07-14T08:44:41
1041078A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX551 MEM to SLC2020-07-09T18:21:57
1038486A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3012 OAK to EWR2020-07-08T10:11:46
1037656A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3729 MHT to MDT2020-07-07T16:29:47
1017761A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1605 OAK to IND2020-06-23T21:57:22
1017428A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3724 IND to OAK2020-06-23T17:01:45
1007538A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3807 ORD to OAK2020-06-10T09:02:16
1007340A075A3ADS-BN129FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1219 SJC to MEM2020-06-09T21:35:47