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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1158508A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA148 ANC to DEN2020-11-10T16:35:56
1158105A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA158 SEA to DAL2020-11-10T12:02:21
1083605A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA772 SAN to EWR2020-08-15T15:26:04
1082906A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA771 DCA to PDX2020-08-15T10:26:00
605187A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA655 DFW to PDX2019-10-15T16:32:32
604490A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA652 PDX to PHX2019-10-15T11:24:29
424959A87428ADS-BN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska AirlinesASA158 SEA to DAL2019-07-26T10:08:09
110771A87428MLATN644AS Boeing 737NG 790/W (B737)Alaska Airlines2018-10-13T20:50:39