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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1067476ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS805 EWR to LAS2020-08-02T17:04:53
1065437ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS511 FLL to SAN2020-08-01T15:18:43
1064472ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS1188 2020-08-01T08:25:02
1037909ACD961ModeSN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit Airlines2020-07-07T19:34:38
1037500ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS2879 2020-07-07T15:34:49
952280ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS913 MCI to SEA2020-04-06T08:43:05
946094ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS906 OAK to DTW2020-03-30T13:41:26
945914ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS691 BWI to LAS2020-03-30T10:27:19
944644ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS788 SAN to DTW2020-03-29T00:52:27
943812ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS913 MCI to SEA2020-03-28T08:33:56
942773ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS111 DTW to LAS2020-03-27T07:51:12
941293ACD961ADS-BN927NK Airbus A320 271NSL (A20N)Spirit AirlinesNKS296 LAX to DFW2020-03-25T19:42:08