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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1067230A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS2879 2020-08-02T15:23:22
1065447A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS2879 2020-08-01T15:28:41
1063569A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS2879 2020-07-31T15:27:58
1053300A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS709 LAX to DTW2020-07-25T14:23:20
1052653A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS706 DTW to LAX2020-07-25T09:25:10
1050956A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS789 DEN to LAS2020-07-15T21:36:42
1050761A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS799 2020-07-15T18:44:20
1050206A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS333 PIT to LAS2020-07-15T12:51:05
1037620A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS612 LAS to MSP2020-07-07T16:23:48
1032957A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS1069 CLE to SEA2020-07-04T17:36:31
1032450A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS1168 2020-07-04T10:22:08
1030216A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS533 IND to LAS2020-07-02T16:11:37
953795A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS310 LAX to FLL2020-04-08T00:16:14
952951A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS457 ORD to LAS2020-04-06T23:15:26
934297A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS128 LAX to BWI2020-03-15T00:02:06
933976A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS323 MSP to LAX2020-03-14T20:07:16
933291A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS424 LAX to MSP2020-03-14T14:43:11
915469A7D39AModeSN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit Airlines2020-03-07T08:46:32
914947A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS816 LAX to MCI2020-03-06T21:43:04
912525A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS816 LAX to MCI2020-03-05T21:36:21
896569A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS170 LAS to MSP2020-02-27T22:19:57
896178A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS622 FLL to BOS2020-02-27T19:06:39
894348A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS184 LAX to CLE2020-02-27T02:20:15
894173A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS706 DTW to LAX2020-02-26T22:30:52
888646A7D39AADS-BN603NK Airbus A320 232 (A320)Spirit AirlinesNKS906 OAK to DTW2020-02-24T13:17:41