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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
1134044A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX723 MEM to RNO2020-10-25T17:29:09
1132925A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3724 IND to OAK2020-10-14T17:01:48
1132027A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3671 OAK to IND2020-10-14T08:40:51
1131884A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx Express2020-10-14T04:01:09
1130209A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1605 OAK to IND2020-10-12T21:49:32
1128312A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX548 2020-10-11T19:16:28
1089790A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1390 MCO to MEM2020-08-19T00:02:08
1089477A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX350 MEM to OAK2020-08-18T18:48:10
1060465A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1345 SFO to MEM2020-07-29T21:42:01
1060078A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX700 MEM to SFO2020-07-29T17:14:31
1043227A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3617 LAX to IND2020-07-11T08:01:02
1038281A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3023 LAX to EWR2020-07-08T08:22:25
1023307A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX672 RNO to MEM2020-06-28T07:49:31
1023019A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX723 MEM to RNO2020-06-27T17:57:35
1022055A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX498 MIA to MEM2020-06-27T08:01:43
1021980A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1575 2020-06-27T03:28:15
1020649A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX402 HNL to MEM2020-06-26T07:18:15
1020199A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3013 EWR to LAX2020-06-25T16:46:58
1019277A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX3014 LAX to EWR2020-06-25T08:06:19
1019169A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1026 BOS to LAX2020-06-25T03:02:52
993996A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1742 IND to LAX2020-05-28T03:29:14
989402A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1345 SFO to MEM2020-05-22T21:23:52
988384A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1705 IND to OAK2020-05-22T04:29:35
976029A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX1219 SJC to MEM2020-05-07T21:30:44
975802A086D8ADS-BN133FE Boeing 767 3S2F (B763)FedEx ExpressFDX587 2020-05-07T17:03:45